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Finding the voice

I haven't posted since Dec. 2009. I thought I was going to Florida…

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I haven't posted since Dec. 2009.

I thought I was going to Florida this summer.
Wrong on that one.

Dad died at the end of April. I still have problems with it.
He was a good man that led a good life. He raised three good kids, and saw them grow up into responsible adults. He loved his wife with all his heart, the only way he could. He was a proud man, and he was proud of me and my accomplishments. I guess I just have to remember that.

On the bright side, I saw Weird Al on the 10th and Lady Gaga in Cleveland on the 14th. At both shows, for just a few hours, I was able to sit back, enjoy some music, and leave my troubles at the door. I smiled and laughed at Weird Al. I screamed in adoration, sang, and made Little Monster paws at Lady Gaga. I enjoyed the moment, the feeling, the happiness.

I've lived here in Columbus for 13 years. I've kept this journal for most of them. I guess I've mostly abandoned this journal for Facebook... except I don't really care much for Facebook, and I don't post in it, either. I guess I've become less inclined to post about my life, and more inclined to just live it. :)
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