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Finding the voice

what in God's name am I doing up at this hour....

what in God's name am I doing up at this hour....

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... I can't sleep and I'm preparing for a retreat sponsored by the chorus. It's called Butch Kamp, and it's a weekend of clinics, workshops, singing, fun, and hopefully, a bit of relaxation.
Too bad I have to go to work at 9am, work til 6, then leave directly from there.

I'm keep remembering things I need to take with me, like my life will end if I don't bring these items.

Random news - I bought new socks, with the intention of just pitching all my old ones. There's really nothing like putting on a fresh new pair of socks. I also bought new boxer briefs. They're soft and comfy, and they're a complete size less than what I was wearing previous, so they're snug and form fitting... and for once in my life, I'm liking form fitting. :)
I also inherited Marc's pair of maroon Versace jeans he bought from a thrift store one year to dress up as Micheal Stipe for Halloween. Yeah, Versace. Now to come up with a good shirt and shoes that complement them, and go out clubbing like a rock star. :)

I bought a new wireless keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is too quiet... I hardly hear myself depressing the keys, and the mouse movement was set too fast. I had to slow it down so it sync'd better with my eye movement. Also bought new earbuds for my iPod, which I'm in love with.

That's about it. See you Sunday.
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